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Stone Path


Insurance and Fee Information


Ambetter of Arkansas

Blue Cross Blue Shield


New Directions Behavioral Health (For Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Employee Program Members).

Optum Behavioral Health


Medicaid (OBHS Level I)


United Behavioral Health


-Self-pay (cash/check)

-Out of Network Provider



Diagnostic Assessment $200.00

Regular session $160.00

Immigration Mental Health Evaluations:

Single $900.00

Client  + other $1500.00/1800.00

Expedite + $600.00 

Good Faith Estimate available. Please call us for information. 


Now Accepting:



-American Express


Stone Path Counseling Therapists can also work with you as “Out of Network” Providers. Some Health Insurance plans might have available “Out of Network” benefits, and your counseling services may be eligible for reimbursement using “Out of Network” benefits.  If you are in need of services and interested in using your health insurance "Out of Network" benefits, please contact your Health Insurance Company to ask for information about reimbursement for “Out of Network” counseling services.  


Questions to ask your insurance provider:


  • Do I have mental health benefits?

  • What is my deductible and has it been met?

  • What is the coverage amount per session?

  • How many sessions does my plan cover per calendar year?

  • How much does my insurance plan cover for “Out of Network” mental health services?

  • How do I obtain reimbursement for counseling services with an “Out of Network” therapist?

  • Is approval required from my primary care physician?



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