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Our Team


Myrna Young MS, LPC
Master of Science in Counseling Psychology                        
University of Central Arkansas                                                                     


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology                                                                        

University of Central Arkansas

Sociology Minor


Associate of Arts in Education                                                          

Eastern Wyoming College


Myrna Young has many years of experience working as a mental health professional providing high quality services to the Northwest Arkansas (NWA) community. She has trained extensively in the techniques she utilizes, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Person-Centered based techniques into her practice. Myrna incorporates Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy based techniques to treat children exposed to trauma and their families when appropriate. Myrna is a bilingual therapist, and she provides counseling services in English and Spanish.

Amy Refshauge MS, LPC


Master of Science degree in Community Counseling

John Brown University


Bachelor of Arts

University of Northern Iowa

Amy Refshauge has many years of experience providing caring and compassionate therapeutic services to young children, school-aged children, and adults. She is a highly skilled therapist who has established strong relationships within the medical community and Northwest Arkansas (NWA) school system. Amy  has experience helping children and families who have endured traumatic events in their lives. Amy uses Cognitive Behavioral and Person Centered therapeutic interventions as she works with adults struggling with depression, anxiety, relational problems and many other needs. She treats her clients with dignity and respect, championing and supporting their progress. She is dedicated to helping children and adults improve social, emotional and behavioral functioning. Amy has been providing services to children and families in the Northwest Arkansas area in various therapeutic environments including Community Based programs, Outpatient Clinic, and Therapeutic Day Treatment programs. Amy is a talented and dedicated therapist who cares about her clients’ overall well-being.  Amy offers both faith-based and secular counseling.



Amanda Mitzel LCSW, RPT


Master of Social Work 

University of Arkansas     


Bachelor of Art in Anthropology and Sociology

Spanish Minor    

Agnes Scott College                                


Amanda Mitzel has many years of experience providing therapeutic services to children and their families. Amanda has worked in a variety of settings in the Northwest Arkansas (NWA) community. She is experienced in providing services in a clinical setting as both an outpatient and preschool Therapeutic Day Treatment therapist.  She has extensive professional training in play therapy and is a Registered Play Therapist. She is highly skilled in directive and non-directive play therapy techniques. Amanda has also completed her training in Child Parent Psychotherapy, an evidenced based practice used to treat young children and their caregivers who are healing from traumatic stressors. Amanda is a qualified provider of other therapeutic interventions including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and family and child centered approaches.  Amanda is a talented and caring therapist, committed to meeting the needs of her clients by providing compassionate, high quality care.




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